Unibo presented the deliverables produced for WPT2 during the last online meeting held on April 2021.

In the first part of the Adriseismic project, the activities regarded the definition of the state of the art. Unibo completed a survey among the project partners on the

  • local construction techniques,
  • current methods of expeditious assessment
  • current intervention techniques

Unibo included the results of this first year of activities in the WPT2 deliverables.

This collection and cataloging operation will be the basis for subsequent decisions. It will allow identifying specific criteria for choosing the best intervention solutions.

At the end it was possible to draw conclusions, highlighting similarities and differences between the actual approach in the various Countries.

The video presentation of the Adriseismic deliverables from Unibo for WPT2

In the video below the updates made in the last period on the WPT2.



The main aim of Adriseismic project

The general aim of ADRISEISMIC project is to exchange and systematize knowledge and practices to achieve the reduction of the seismic vulnerability in the partner Regions. So the activities of the second work package are focused on identifying expeditious, and effective procedures, for the assessment of seismic vulnerability. Consequently, for proposing seismic improvement techniques and assessment methods.

The analysis of typical and representative case studies of the local building characteristics, the identification of the most appropriate analysis methods for the evaluation of the seismic behavior of existing buildings and of the most used and new intervention techniques allowed to prepare a background of possible techniques to be linked with specific vulnerable features.