The Croatian local workshop of Adriseismic Project – 27 January 2022.

Held in presence and online the third Croatian local workshop for the project was hosted in the city of Kaštela. The aim of this workshop was to present the methodology of the project and collect the stakeholders’ feedback.

Croatian local workshop adriseismic Kastela participants stakeholders

The participants

15 participants representing public, private and civil society sectors within Split-Dalmatia County:

  • The city of Kaštela
  • Public institution for regional development
  • Civil protection
  • Academia
  • Institutions/organizations responsible for the protection of cultural heritage
  • Red Cross
  • Insurance company

The objectives of the Croatian local workshop

The general goal was to introduce the project to stakeholders, present project activities carried out so far and gear future research.

Three the particular objectives:

  1. Provide stakeholders with a general overview of the expeditionary methodologies developed within the framework of the WPT2. Presentation of the field scanning results and functioning of the laser used for field scanning with city of Kaštela as pilot location
  2. Presentation of WPT1 and WPT3 activities
  3. Discussion on positive aspects and those considered most critical by the experts

The program of Croatian local workshop

The workshop was organized into two parts, each with a different participatory approach:

  1. Presentation of project activities within WPT1, WPT2 and WPT3

  2. Discussion

The presentation prepared the ground for the application of the ‘needs assessment’ method (the status quo in terms of legislative and administrative procedures, good practices, case study).

The discussion has the aim to obtain as much as possible feedback on topics within WPT1, WPT2 and WPT3. This part was based on the pre-prepared questions which helped moderator to ‘icebrake’ initial inactivity of the participants, navigate discussion and keep it to the point.


Croatian local workshop adriseismic Kastela participants stakeholders